Pet friendly

Here at Llwyn Ffynnon we are very animal friendly, our family has dogs named Nibbles (lhasa apso cross pomeranian), Ember (Alsatian), Tyson (Shih Tzu cross), Winston and Nigel (Chihuaha’s) we also have white doves, chickens, moorhens, and two horses named Cai and Reno.  The chickens give us wonderful tasting free range eggs which you can keep for breakfast if your lucky enough to find some!

All our dogs are well behaved and have lovely temperaments (apart from nibbles who is a spoilt little fattie!!)  We welcome you to bring your pets camping as we know they are part of the family we do however have the strict rule of “they poop you scoop” and they must be on a lead while walking around the park.  There is a designated off lead dog run in the paddock next to the lake.