The lake has been coming along nicely




Our onsite fishing lake has been maturing nicely, biggest fish to date have been a 3.5 lb common carp, a 3lb mirror carp, a 2lb trout and 1 to 1.5 lb tench.

Its weird how some people can sit for days and not get a bite while others can sit for 10 minutes and land a fish, the record so far is 9 carp and 20 odd tench in a couple of mornings.  Happily all the fish look brilliant with no markings or catch marks anywhere, the tench fight like mad too!

I think the funniest moment was when a 4 year old girl caught a 3 lb eel by accident, her parents jumped REALLY quick when she hooked it 🙂

Here’s some random catch pictures…

The fishing is free and provided for the enjoyment of our guests 🙂